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Supporting Documentation





Supporting Documents


When applying for a loan we ask that you provide supplementary documents to assist the loans officers in assessing your application.


The additional documents that we require with all loan applications;

·       Bank Statements

Please include the last 2 months statements for all accounts held including both current and savings accounts.


·       Wage slips

Last 2 months wage slips or last 8 if paid weekly.


·       Universal Credit Statement

If in receipt of Universal Credit we require a copy of your latest monthly statement including the payment breakdown.  If you have an online account and are experiencing difficulties obtaining your latest statement you print them off at our Chester or Ellesmere Port office.



Sometimes we may call you to request further information to make a decision on your application.  Examples of additional documentation which may be requested include;


·       Proof of benefits

·       Confirmation of balance outstanding on other debts/credit commitments

·       Confirmation that previous debts have been paid in full

·       Documentation in relation to any Debt Management Plan, previous Debt Relief Order, Individual Voluntary Arrangement or similar.